Our Service

  • Our expertise and capability have been acknowledged in the area of legal practice as follows:

    (i) Commercial Dispute Resolution;

    We have extensive experience in advocating various commercial dispute matters for corporate based clients, which includes the variety of civil and tort lawsuits (including assets executions, business disputes, investment and loan related matters), bankruptcy proceedings up to liquidations, and alternative dispute resolution forums (Singapore International Arbitration Center and Badan Arbitrase Nasional Indonesia) related disputes.

    In generals our client basis on this particular area are business groups of in the field of property, oil & gas, mining, financial institutions, trading and commerce, and private equity investments.

    (ii) Competition and Regulated Industry;

    SKK has specific affiliation with Business Competition and Policy Studies of University of Indonesia in conducting several trainings and seminars in competition law.

    Our partner also has various experiences in Business Competition Supervisory Board (KPPU) proceedings from unlawful tenders, water concessions rights and anti monopoly issue in Batam island (England’s based water company in cooperation with local government company), up to one of the most memorable competition issue in the country regarding the British Premier League broadcasting rights disputes between several media corporations.

    (iii) Corporate & Investment;

    SKK has handled and advised numbers of mergers and acquisitions matters, corporate establishments and start ups (both domestic and foreign investment companies), corporate and licensing house-keeping, and pre investments preparation, and to conducts comprehensive legal due diligences.

    We also involved in investments and loan settlement of several mining companies (coal and galena minerals), factories (automotive based), and oil gas investments contracts (concession with Garden Center – Cibis Eight Building, 5th Floor, Suite 08 Cilandak Commercial Estate, Jl Raya Cilandak KKO South Jakarta, Indonesia

    Pertamina EP for several oil fields and refinery in Indonesia), which involves both foreign and domestic companies and investors.

    In the manufacture industries, we have also had vast experiences on handling a leading Japanese Multinational companies which operates several factories and warehouses in Indonesia.

    (iv) Criminal Investigation and Litigation;

    SKK is experienced in advocating all aspects of criminal and regulatory investigations, including but not limited to working on crime matters such as fraud, bribery and corruption, and corporate investigations.

    We are experienced in acting for multinational companies, corporate executives, public officials and in-house counsels. We deal with investigations and examinations by a wide range of agencies and prosecution authorities. We also have experience in conducting internal corporate audits (including forensic) up to formal criminal or regulatory investigation.

    (v) Insurances and Claims;

    SKK has enjoyed a good term of relationship with Indonesia Insurance Mediation Board (BMAI) and Indonesia General Insurance Association (AAUI) as their off counsels, and has handled a variety of insurance and claims disputes

    SKK are also one a few law firms with extensive exposure and experience in the Indonesian ad-hoc insurance arbitration forums Our clients are multinational companies, mostly conducting international operated business (shipping lines, plantations, export oriented factories, etc).

    (vi) Intellectual Property Rights & Franchise;

    In the Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) areas we have provided many legal assistance and advices for our clients in registering and protecting their trademarks names and patents, from administrative matters in the Directorate General of IPR in the Ministry of Law and Human Rights Republic of Indonesia, up to the disputes in the commercial court.

    We also have expertise in conducting franchise registration for international brands in Indonesia, including obtaining all franchise-related licenses from the Department of Trade Republic of Indonesia. 

    (vii) Manpower & Industrial Relations;

    SKK has been involved in many manpower related disputes, from achieving many out-of-court settlements up to prevailing clients’ legal position in the Industrial Relations Court (PHI). We also have several experiences in handling and conducting mass termination of factory workers in Karawang, West Java, for multinationals joint venture companies.

    We also have settled many labor disputes involving foreign workers in the Ministry of Manpower, related to permits and licenses, and the compliance of labor laws.

    Several foreign investments companies have also trusted us in handling their employment matters internally from preparing employment contacts up to drafting their company regulations.

    (viii) Media & Telecommunication;

    Our partners has been involved in a foreign investment media company set up from ground up, which includes legal works of obtaining various broadcasting & film licenses, censorship issues, content and productions matters, satellite and frequency licenses and tax payments. The above legal works are involving several authorities including ministerial departments up to the House of Legislatives.

    We have also has experiences in handling content provider companies and production house company in their day to day operations from contracts drafting up to business negotiations related matters.

    (ix) Land & Real Property;

    SKK has also been involved in various land disputes cases, from certificates issuance disputes in the Administrative Court, court decisions based repossessions, bank involved law suits, up to taking positions as transaction lawyers for the sale and purchase of lands and buildings for property groups and investors (including several factories in Cikampek and Cikande, West Java Province)

    Some of our real properties that we are been involved as counsel includes the construction of a building in Gatot Subroto area, apartment building preparations in Pakubuwono area, and several plots of lands in the South and Eastern Jakarta.

    (x) Security Advisory.

    SKK has specific knowledge in providing its clients an advice on objective and factual security issues in their operational business territory. We have handled several security and safety issues in Borneo and Sulawesi islands for foreign companies (oil & gas & coal mining) up to coordinating an evacuation and emergency measurements for its executives (specialized in expats) and other employees.

    We are also acting as legal counsel for a security services company operating in several provinces in Indonesia. Our expertise in this security and risk management area will also be featured and acknowledged in Indonesia 2018 edition of The Oil and Gas Years – The Who’s Who of the Global Energy Industry.